Established in 2006, SYT is a charity with a global vision catering for the different local communities around the world. Our targeted support in small towns ensures that vital emergency relief, food and water is easily attainable for the most vulnerable people within the community.Our work operates entirely on donor support and the tireless dedication of our volunteers.

At SYT, our overseas aid projects are small but effective. We focus on providing the most basic necessities to people devastated by natural disasters and poverty. The money our donors gift us goes into supplying food, medical aid and building water wells in developing countries.

Alhamdulillah, with your support SYT has completed lifesaving projects around the world and hope you will continue to support our efforts and cause. We pray to Allah that this noble work continues and benefits the wider community. Find out more about our Overseas projects.

  We are  Caring, Inclusive, Holistic, Responsive, Empowering and Spiritual.

Our work starts here at home…

Through youth programs and fun based activities, we build social skills, boost confidence, inspire innovative thinking, and engender a positive sense of responsibility. The SYT Youth Club offers a safe environment. Here local youth enjoy stimulating activities with their friends in a culturally sensitive context. The young people we work with are empowered, proactive and socially aware. Find out more about our Youth Activities and Events.